Sunday, December 10, 2017

Jivaasri’s refreshing blend of treatments places special emphasis on the use of natural ingredients. These old age therapies are rooted on aromatherapy and the secrets of time-tested health and beauty remedies passed down for generations.
Some of the Services offered @ JivaaSri:
- Rejuvenation (Abhyangam)
- Full Body Massage (Elakizhi)
- Stress Management (Shirodhara)
- Anti-ageing therapy (Pizhichil)
- Spine care treatment
- Skin tightening for women
Beauty services:
- Skin rejuvenation, Hair care, Facial massages
- Post Natal care (Sutika Raksha) - for women
- Pizhichil
- Customized services for 40+ age group - for women.
- Diabetes treatment
- Nasyam
- Kashaya Vasti

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